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A little about my artwork: I interpret the words written on a page by telling the story behind the story working with pen and ink, watercolor and Photoshop, I fuse old techniques with modern ones to create a world that every drawing can speak to a child or grownups.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

In-between stages part 3

As I promised I have found some of the work I did between the first posts Part1& Part 2 not a lot to say about them all with water color and pen and ink The Bridge came from a suggestion by my girlfriend and the cat is… well a cat

I never used them as portfolio pieces I never thought they were strong enough. A hint, remember the bridge illustration when I post in the future he he he…

The Yoga pose was the something I did for my cousin Diana who is a yoga teacher and she wanted to something for her web site this is the first one I did the one she received looked a lot better.

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  1. Cool -- I really like the cat. It reminds me of my cat, Belle.


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