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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Marzipan Pig 1990

So once again I'm stepping back in time. The year is 1990 the place Michael Sporn Animation Studio NYC.
After my interview with Wendy Sargeant about the animation industry and a few other random happening in my life for last few days, It made me pause and reflect on were I was and why or how I allowed to lose contact with people I cared about. Good question maybe one day I'll give an answer.
But what I will share is this. For those of you who have HBO Family channel you may of seen on August 16th "The Marzipan Pig" it is a 30min adaptation of Russell Hoban book done for HBO.
One of my favorite jobs was being a "Color Stylist" I would take the story boards and start breaking down how a movie will get colored. This Story board was drawn by Tissa David in the animation world she is a big fish. A fantastic artist that I truly respect. I don't have the black & white version to share.
"The Marzipan" book is black and white so I had no color guide to work from and I think I'm in my early to mid 20's not a life time of experience that I thought was required to take on this job. I was living in Brooklyn at the time with its row of brownstones this type of reference was a great help looking into other people window (wha?) to see the color of the drapes and bits of furniture.
This is the finished background done by one of the following Background Artist that we worked with 
Laura Bryson, Carol Kilbanks, or Charlotte Cary-Booth. The movie came out beautifully with the help of a lot of talented people. A must see! it is timeless story and it does not date itself one of my favorites that I worked on. 

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  1. DVD version is available in the Michael Sporn box set that is located in your “My Picks” at the top of your page


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