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Monday, February 21, 2011

Libby's color changes why?

You are looking at two scenes from "Libby The Odd Squirrel".
 The first is an outdoor scene and the second is a interior scene. 
If you have not noticed Libby is white, while her companions are grey.
With out giving to much away of the story this is the reason why she is "odd".

Libby is alone and not a part of the the rest of the squirrel's. I wanted to enforce this alone- ness as much as possible; one way was always drawing her at a distance at the begin of the book.
The other was color, while she is outside and not connected to the other woodland creatures she is shaded with mostly blue. Later on after making friends with the crows her shading changes to a warm grey and also is drawn closer up to create what I hope is more of a togetherness with her new friends.    

(P.S. The Frog & I are getting along at the moment)


  1. I need to get this book. I love squirrels. Plus, I think I can relate to the "alone" part pretty well.

  2. Rena You wil always be a warm grey with me


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