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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When you look up

Open Space between 27th & 26th street off of 6th Ave

When you take the time to look up in NYC you just may find something fun, beautiful, and ugly or get hit with pigeon poop.

Today I’m posting something FUN! (Or ugly) Meet Monsieur Chat or M. Chat
I have seen these two yellow cats for many years and even though I enjoyed looking at them I have never taken the time to learn about them.

I was surprised to find out with a quick internet search that they have quite a history. Created in 1997 in Orleans, France by graffiti artist Thomas Vuille.

A couple of links Flickr and Associated content from Yahoo were you can see more pictures and learn more about Mr. Vuille and of this fun fat cat.

27th street and 7th Ave

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