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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My life has been out of sync since my dog “G” who is 14yrs old had a Vestibular episode over two weeks ago. She is on the mend and I am hoping for a full recovery.

armrest on LIRR
Last Wednesday I got a small break from the whole dog business with a trip using the LIRR to the DMV in NYC to renew my driver’s license I sat down and seen this little beauty.

 I got there early to avoid longer lines, what I did not expect is to get out in 20min this gave me way too much time before I start work.

So I ran a few errands and took a few pictures along the way of my NYC. I started my journey at “License X-Press” 300 West 34 streets (Between 8th & 9th Ave)

I was walking uptown and decided to walk through Bryant Park located between 40th and 42nd street and fifth and sixth avenue. I stopped into the New York Public Library to visit the original Winnie-the- Pooh Stuffed animal it was purchased as a birthday gift for Christopher Robin Milne (1921) it is located in the Central Children’s Room.

Side note: (“Interestingly, Shepard's sketches of Pooh were not based on Christopher Robin's bear, but on Growler, the much-loved bear belonging to Graham, the artist's son. Shepard's granddaughter, Minette, took the tired and worn Growler with her to Canada during the war, where, sadly, he lost a battle with a Scottie dog in a Montreal garden. Piglet had suffered a similar fate years before in an English orchard, but lived to tell the tale!”)

From there I left to go to Home Depot on 3rd Ave and somewhere in the 50’s, to look at interlock foam mats for my dog “G”; after that I started to walk over to 1st avenue and went into Bed Bath and Beyond as I was wondering around the store when I got a phone call from my friend Lisa she was heading to her art studio. The studio is located in Queens’s close to the East River and oddly just on the other side of the river where I was shopping on. As we were talking I started to walk to toward the river and past the” Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden” I have never seen this building nor heard about it but I will go back and visit it.

I found a little park next to the river and sat down a bench talked to my friend who was just on the other side of 59th Street Bridge. I also ate my lunch it was a little chilly but I enjoyed the view all the same.


My last stop was “The Society of Illustrators” located on 63rd between Lexington & Park avenue they are having a show till May 5th called “Ice Age” To the Digital Age. I never seen Ice Age but for a buck how could I go wrong I always like looking at the thinking process of making an animated film and I did enjoyed it.

My final stop was work on 63rd &Lexington

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  1. Wonderful post! I love hearing about what you've been up to and seeing the art you're interested in. Thanks for sharing. ~I hope "G" is doing better.


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