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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

LMZ Postcards

Remember when people wrote letters and sent postcards?

In the aftermath of 9’ll, with my beloved City scarred and my 7th Avenue studio lost, I packed my cat and went driving across the country, unsure of where my life was heading.

For years I had been writing and mailing postcards for the postmark, then collecting the cards from the recipient as part of a long-standing art project. During my cross-country sojourn after 9’11 I sent postcards from the different states I visited, each postcard a memory and memento of the places I visited, what I had experienced and felt. 10,000 miles of road and three months later, I returned home to New York but without my cat. She stayed in Las Vegas with my dad and mom.

This is a Book Publishing and Art Show Project of a collection of 52 postcards that were made during 1995 to 2002. The postcards are snapshots of my travels, thoughts and my relationships, composed in an artful way. Each page of the proposed book has a copy of a card with an accompanying transcription of the card.

This project will cost $15,000. as it is a two part project first publishing the postcards will be reproduced with the best quality digital imaging 52 postcards and most are two sided. The second part of the project is the gallery. The costs are still being negotiated, and could run more than the projected because of the framing issues, as the postcards are 2-sided, estimated cost $8,000. I am still looking into spaces, though I now have a few spaces that are interested!

Lisa at work in her studio

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