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Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Week

from NY Times post

Sunday the 26th marks the one week anniversary of
 Michael Sporn's death.
 I have come across a couple of post that disserves to be read.
 One is by Ray Kosarin  ive know Ray as long as I known Michael and he is a great guy with a talent for words, it is posted on Asifa-East site
And the second one is fond on the New York Times site written by William Yardley

I love this quote from Michael that has been added at the end of the New York Times post:
“Yes, it’s Oscar time,” he wrote in November. “I’ve already commented a bit about the short films seen and how I missed half of them after getting quite ill midway through the lot of them. Sorry I can’t properly report, but not sorry I missed most of them.”

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