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Monday, May 11, 2015

Postcards work!

Postcards work!
 I woke up on Sunday morning to an email from one of the publishers
I am interested in working with.
"I will keep you in mind for future projects that may suit your style. Until then, I wish you continued success.
We are going paperless, so help us save trees by NOT adding me to your snail mail list. Snail mail art samples will be discarded.
Instead, please send me an occasional email to
editor(at)Blank Publisher(dot)com when you update your website, or email me a lo-res jpg every few months."
 I know this does not mean I am going to get "the call" today or even this month/year.
But it does say stay in touch.
All because of a postcard, so pick a postcard any postcard.  

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