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Saturday, November 7, 2015

3-Week Illustration Workshop with Giuseppe Castellano

original artwork
G: "Do you always use reference?"
 Me: Yes
G: How about the penguins?
Me: Think think... Penguins...  
This was one of the questions I was asked during my first one hour live chat
with Giuseppe Castellano Senior Art Director during our 3-Week Illustration Workshop
Giuseppe was critiquing my portfolio
 I forgot about the penguins so the answer would be no unless you count seeing movie posters for Madagascar on the subway.
G: I would like to see you rework them but use reference. 
Me: okay
 As I answered a question or gave more detail on a illustration Giuseppe seemed to have already moved on and was looking at a different image. It made it a little confusing and yet entertaining to see how his thought  processed worked.
G: Have you ever used ink quills?
Me: Not since college I don't remember being good at it.
G: Maybe you should try again.
Me: okay
Giuseppe has a true passion for art. I could seen it as he critique my portfolio.
It was easy to get swept up in his enthusiasm I hardly slept that night after our first chat. 

I was so inspired I did the above image in one sitting the very next morning.
2nd week my first attempt using ink quills, reference and figuring out color

Second week G's email response to my email to him with the above image.
 "Vary the line by using different nips" (well something like that)

3rd week final artwork  
 It was not easy for me to let go of the original characters.
 But Giuseppe is inspiring; in the back of my head I kept hearing a voice say
 "Trust your art director" and I had to just let go and trust.   
Once I let go and found the first penguin reference everything else just fell into place.

 Thank You
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