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Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 SCBWI 18th Annual Winter Conference

It is that time of year!
The 2017 SCBWI 18th Annual Winter Conference!

My marker of what has been accomplished by yours truly.  
2016 was not an easy year. I know it was not just me, being a Massage Therapist I have worked on clients who are struggling for many reasons.

I found it difficult being creative. I spent more time doing experimental art then finished pieces trying to find some balance "voice".    


I would like to thank Ame Dyckman  for posting on Twitter fantastic snippets of writing that  helped inspire me to create.

And a shoutout to my niece who called me up needing my help on a college homework assignment. 


Because of Ame's writing and my nieces "HOMEWORK"
 I was able to play with an idea I had floating around in my head.
Not worrying about
 "What am I going to draw?".
 It freed me to think clearer of how to intrepid the writing and capture feelings, 
it allowed me to create this. 

my 2017 Tomie dePaola Award First Runner-up! 

and these pandas
I'm looking forward to the conference seeing old friends, make a few new ones and missing friends who could not make it this year.

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