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Saturday, September 25, 2010


 In the past week or so I have posted three separate comments on other peoples websites and or blogs.  Not one of them has shown up; at first you think well it takes time for someone to approve the post then when you see others peoples post times are after yours you think hmm "didn't like what I said?"  "Tobe ignored or not Tobe ignored that is the question?"
This is also the time I wished I kept a copy of what I said so I could share them with you (when I wrote them I thought they were brilliant! if I looked at them now maybe not). But all I can do is give you a general out line of my ideas and the link to the post; the comments I tried to leave are about massage therapy. If any one has been reading some of my past post you will know that NY State law for massage therapy will be changing in January of 2012.

So my first one was to the S5431C- NY State Open Legislation site: this was my second comment I was posting the first one did go up, It said something along the line "That  I was frustrated with the fact that not one politician has returned my emails and if any lawyer out there want to take this on?"

Second went to the "Time Newsweekly.com" this local new paper posted what Governor David Paterson signed into law. I expressed how I felt about it, no sense to repeat what I have already written in  past post (Click Me and Me part2).

Third goes to "Shine"  in their post they comment on a new report written in the New York Times. The study was done on the benefits of massage therapy. Of course there were post by others who have no real idea about massage and in a strong way I tryed to educate the other people who left comments. I even included a link on how to find me, the link is from Spa finder  it has a couple of reviews about me as well. But it did not show up.  I guess they rather post "with or with out a release?" then me writing  "If your therapist is hearting you. You have the right to stop the massage".
Any one who blogs can and have censored what can be said on there site, so far the only thing I killed were two links to porn sites But in all three cases except about the lawyer thing I don't believe I was being negative or inappropriate, honest yes but not mean.

Original post was in "The New York Times" news paper a great read by the way.

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