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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A few updates

Tree on house most cut away
Nothing to over the top is going on at this time,
hear are some pictures from the tornadoes that touched down in Queens on September 16th were I live.
 I was at work at the time and did not know what happened until I got home., I work in Manhattan two stories underground and none of the clients I worked was aware of how strong the storm was all I knew for sure was the "F" train subway line was flooded and service was suspended. But by the time I was done working it was functioning again.  I was told by my girlfriend when I got home about the strong winds & rain but it was not till the next day I realized how much damage was done.
 Hear are some pictures I took the day after and a few days after that  
this was the day after red car under a tree
Same car two days after the storm
most of the tree is gone except from on top of the car
front of car

Also something fun I did a few illustrations for a online magazine called 
"Berry Blue Haiku"
I believe it come out quarterly
you can pick up your copy online by clicking
 I'm on page 10-11
I hope you purchase the magazine to see what I have done

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