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Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday with R. CRUMB

Saturday with R. Crumb

Last Saturday In between my two jobs I got a chance to see Robert Crumb’s artwork at the Society of Illustrators. The exhibit is called “lines Drawn on Paper” the show ends on April 30th 2011.
Go see it!
It was a treat to see his original pen & ink artwork created long before computers were part of the how we work now; the paper yellowing from age the use of whiteout to fix a mistake (that is still white after all this time) or one of my favorites was cutting out a whole sections of a panel or part of the title and replacing it with a new one. This was part of how most of us worked then. So it brought back good memories of all the comic artwork I did back at the School of Visual Arts.

I met Mr. Crumb once back in 1987 while I was a student. He did a lecture at SVA. I still remember what he said “Don’t give up your day job” I can remember a lot of the students not liking to hear those words. What the students didn’t realize was “don’t give up your day job” was sound advice, he was telling us you don’t have to compromise your artwork if you can pay your bills or being a Cartoonist is not an easy path with very few of you are going to make it so have a plan “B”. If anyone read “The Village Voice” articles this statement still holds water in 2011

So in 1987 I came away with those words and R.Crumb's signature on my album
CHEAP THRILLS" by Big Brother & The Holding Company, it was a good day back in 1987 and on Saturday 2011.

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