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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Academy Salute to John Hubley

On the evening of Monday October 10, I was sitting in the Academy Theater. Enjoying a salute to John Hubley animated films from (1914-1977)
What a treat! His work is inspirational.

John Canemaker did a fabulous job Hosting the event
John Canemaker, Emily Hubley, and Michael Sporn
program part 1

I did not have a ticket and the show was sold out. I just did not think I would need to order one in advance. I had it all planed out leave work by 6:00 get to the theater no later than 6:30 buy a ticket show starts at 7:00 Done! Easy, it was easy until I got an email from my friend Patti asking if I was going? Moreover, do I have a ticket because are friend Michael told her it looks like the show is filling up fast.

program part 2

(Spit take) Wha? Noooo!

program part 3

   Therefore, this is when I became concerned Patti suggested ordering a ticket now and pick it up at the theater. Good idea but I do not carry any credit cards with me, so I text my gal asked her if she would call and order it for me; was text back telling me that ticket sales for phone order closed at noon it was 3:00.

  She suggested I call Michael and see if he can be any help another quick email and Michael responded by giving me a phone # to call to see if they were sold out and he wished me luck. I called, They were, but said if I can get there early enough and get on the waiting list usually the first 15-20 people get in.

Now my day job is being a massage therapist I could not leave any earlier then 6:00 because of an appointment that finished up at 5:45 so…

I am feeling like I will not get in. Nevertheless, I go to the theater expecting a line out the door and 21 people on the waiting list, that is not the case no line at all I thought I was in the wrong building. Went to the ticket sales table asked if they had any available seats for sale for the show, they said no. However, do you want to be on the waiting list? I looked at the list only about 8-10 people on the list so I said “Why not!” then waited in the lobby. While waiting I saw Heidi Michael’s wife and my friend.
 Michael must of told her what I said to him she asked if I had any luck getting a ticket? I said no I am on a short waiting list. She said to me let me talk to Michael maybe he can pull a few strings (just so everyone knows it is really cool to be friends with one of the most powerful men in animation).
(BTW Heidi pulled the strings)
She went to talk to Michael I waited and then my ship came in a man went to the ticket table and said he had an extra ticket is there a waiting list? One of the women behind the table got up and started calling out the names on the list one by one she called and no one answered except one.

me in the second row taking to a very nice woman,
Heidi one row in front of me
and John Canemaker to the left of Heidi
and Michael taking the picture 

That's ME!
  I felt like Charley and that I just got “The Golden Ticket”, I pulled out my wallet to pay for the ticket he declined my money and told me to enjoy the show. Within a few minutes, someone is calling out my name Heidi is smiling at me as my escort led me to privet get together. I ate a little something and then went with the rest of the guest from the party into the theater before the rest of the ticket holders.
    Did I say how cool it is to know one of the most important men in animation?

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