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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Last weekend I was at a Christmas Fair and I came across this book

Yes I bought the book 

This made me think of the special we did when I was working for
original cell from "Santabear's High Flying Adventure"
So keeping up with my Holiday posts this is

 "Santabear's High Flying Adventure"
created in 1987

this was my very first job working in animation  
it is most likely the only scene I ever animated it is part of the opening sequence.
It was a true treasure to find it on YouTube 

part 1

part 2


  1. I loved this special as a kid. LOVED IT.

    Now I am a 27 year old flash animator working for TV.

    Everyday this week I have been posting animated Christmas specials from when I was a kid on my Facebook. Today I drew a little Santabear and linked to the 2 Youtube videos you posted. It's so awesome you worked on this. A Classic. I also posted about The 1987 Garfield Christmas Special, the claymation California Raisins Christmas Special and the 1979 The Snowman.

    Thank you for sharing SantaBear and your experience from working at the studio (your 2009 post).


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