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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nutcracker

Who could forget Mikhail Baryshnikov performing the Nutcracker?
When I was growing up it seemed to be on PBS every year around this time.

Who could forget my cousin Diana Ferrante performing at Lincoln Center as a Sugarplum or as one of the rats? (Depending on the year ) I hold those memories close to my heart; it is exciting to be able to pick out someone you know and love who is wearing a rat costume.
Diana (left) not from The Nutcracker
In addition, keeping with my fondness for Maurice Sendak his illustrations from "The Nutcracker" are just wonderful to look at and study.
I do not scan my own books because I do not want to break the spine so I have surf the web to share some of the better images I could find from this book.

(They are not in any particular order)


  1. I just blogged about nutcrackers today, but not books. :)


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