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A little about my artwork: I interpret the words written on a page by telling the story behind the story working with pen and ink, watercolor and Photoshop, I fuse old techniques with modern ones to create a world that every drawing can speak to a child or grownups.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Really nice Stephen!

Really nice Stephen!
When I checked out your "about" page though, I was disappointed to find out nothing ABOUT you. I already know about your art, because it speaks for itself and has its own page. Here's where you can loosen up a little and have fun, tell an art or reading related story of when you were as young as the children who will pick up a book you have worked on and then search for your website. Maybe show photos of where or how you work, where you live, if you have a family or pets, what hobbies or interests you have. Even in very formal resumes, there's a place near the bottom of them to list personal interests. It's always nice for an Ed or Ad to know a little about the person, behind the illustrator, that they may want to work with, and your fans will want to know you too :)”

I was preparing for the SCBWI 2013 Winter Conference, one of the things I did was put together a brand new website; I have a new voice and I wanted my new artwork to shine, this website allowed that to happen. You clicked on an image and it pops up to full size, overall the site looks clean and professional.
But before I sent it out into the world of Art Directors, Agents and other publishing personas; I asked some of my hardest but fare critiques to look at it and above is one of the replies I received.

This one made me think, do I have a story I can share when I was that age?
My childhood was not all buttercups and roses, I drew pictures because I found it easier then talking or writing also a good way to hide, but I don’t have any of the artwork not even sure it even exist any longer.

Think, think, think… Hmm I don’t have any; I never read a book as a child I used to look at the picture and make up my own story. Even around the age of twelve or thirteen when a wonderful neighbor gave me “The Juniper Tree” by Lore Segal and Maurice Sendak l still only looked at the pictures. It was much later in life I finally read them; this was also my introduction to Maurice Sendak (even though I did not pay attention who illustrated it at the time).

I think in High School one of the only books I read was The Hobbit and I was made to read it. I did love it and was then introduced to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy; but collage changed things.

When I went to School of Visual Arts I wanted to be a cartoonist, in my last year I found out I was short a few credits so I added a children’s book illustration class and I never looked back all I wanted to do was illustrate picture books. I should have guessed this on my own since 80% of the artist I liked was picture book illustrators, not cartoonist but better late than never.
I was in my twenties when I started my path as a full time reader “Mossflower” by Brian Jacques was a gift to me and I have not stopped since.

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