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Monday, February 4, 2013

SCBWI 14th Winter Conference "the end"

“The end”

Well what I can say about the conference, on Saturday we started off listening to Meg Rosoff she was great what wit, fantastic! I am still wondering what happened to Peter Glassman he is the owner of Books of Wonder and was supposed to be part of panel talk but did not show up.
There were two breakout sessions I got to listen to Kate Fletcher editor of Candlewick and Nancy Siscone senior executive editor Knopf Books for Young Readers both I found to be very nice who cared about the quality of a good story the term “layers and voice” was used often. The speaking part of the conference closed with Shaun Tan interesting person he said a lot about his work in an odd about way that was inspirational and entertaining.

A couple of the treats for me that night after the speaking part was done was a portfolio viewing I had to step away from my portfolio it is hard to watch people viewing it, but a lot of postcards were taken not sure by whom . It was followed by a Gala event where I got a vodka and orange juice (I think say screwdriver is silly) at the event a charming women came up to me to tell me how much she loved my elephants that was a great moment it meant I touched someone with my artwork and that is all I ever want to do.
Then one last get to know your fellow attendees this was a little silly But!

I met Tomie dePaola I did not think I would like this man but it was not the case he was generous with his time and answered everyone’s questions and told us straight how it is out there also who I did not get to speak to was the Hilt brothers it was nice for them to take the time to share their experiences with the group.

On Sunday one of the speakers put me to sleep I felt she did not know her audience. 
This was followed by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, who talked about sequential books and what to look out for very helpful. 
And finally Mo Willems who does a good job entertaining the audience even though I recognized some of his talk from a past event the info is still valid.

This was followed by a book signing were I finally got to meet David Ezra Stein and had him as well as Tomie dePaola sign their books.

p.s. I had Aha moment I came up to an ending for Sidney and friends!


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