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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Behind the scenes of "If Fish Could Drive"

Lollipop & Sprinkles
Behind the scenes of
"If Fish Could Drive"
e-mail to editor:
"This is not in anyway a direct conversation between myself and my editor"
I'm reading through the text, I think the names are backwards. Shouldn't Lollipop be the zebra and Sprinkles be the giraffe?
Editors reply:
No Stephen,
The names are not backwards Lollipop is the giraffe and Sprinkles is the zebra. The giraffe has zebra stripes and the zebra has the giraffe spots.
Okay that makes more sense, "funny!" Should Lollipops stripes be the color of a giraffe or black & white like a zebra would have?
Editors reply:
Good question I'll email Dana and find out what she was thinking.
Editors reply:
According to Dana Lollipop color should be Black & white like a zebra and Sprinkles should be the color of a giraffe
Okay thanks got it =)

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