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A little about my artwork: I interpret the words written on a page by telling the story behind the story working with pen and ink, watercolor and Photoshop, I fuse old techniques with modern ones to create a world that every drawing can speak to a child or grownups.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things are on the move

If anyone has looked at my posts recently it appears that I have spit out quite a few books in a very short time. In the last month I started to talk about
"If Fish Could Drive" (available)

"The Marshmallow Man" (coming soon)
and now
"The Giving Meadow" (maybe available in June),
and also
"Libby the Odd Squirrel" (release date not known at this time)

I assure you I'm not a factory that can put together four picture books containing somewhere around thirty illustration a book in a few months.

A quick time frame

"If Fish Could Drive" finished artwork was sent in on 04/04/2009

"The Marshmallow Man" finished artwork was sent in on 07/14/2009

"The Giving Meadow" finished artwork was sent in on 12/01/2009


"Libby The Odd Squirrel" was finished on 4/01/2010
(no image is yet available you will have to come back a check from time to time)

as you can see yes I was busy but I never felt rushed. In truth I don't really know why it has taken this long for some of the books to come out, I'm sure for good reason.
Things happen
I just hope all who come and look at my work see that I love what I do and am very proud of all The hard work I have done in over the last year.
Enjoy =)


  1. The new book looks great, Stephen! Now that I think of it though, I don't think I've seen the front and back cover of TMM, just the front. I'm really excited about this book coming out. You've done an amazing job with the characters! And yes ... that last page STILL makes me laugh out loud, no matter how many times I look at it!

  2. The back cover is the same color pattern as the front except no Marshmallow Dude; I wanted to keep it simple so not to take away from him


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