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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not always as easy as it looks

(sketch of Lollipop & Sprinkles)
It not as easy as it looks!

Working with 4RV I have illustrated several titles all but one was not a picture books.

All the picture books I have done were 8.5 X 8.5 not a lot of room for a giraffe's long neck. They get a little squished, also slight next trouble while ducking down to enter the next page but they have a great massage therapist so all good :).

every book comes with its own challenges "If Fish Could Drive" had its share

1) keeping all the stripes & spot consistent from one page to the next.


2) the size of the pages.

You may think whats the big deal or so what and in truth its not a big deal just makes it more interesting how do you fit giraffes and text in this box?

part of the fun is figuring how to make it all work to keep it interesting and yet not look squashed all together. I hope I was successfully in creating the proper balance. I was told by the publisher that the book looks beautiful and I look forward to receiving my copies of it to judge for myself.
I have said it in other post the book is very nicely written and I think every kid and kids at heart can enjoy the lesson in this book

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