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Friday, January 28, 2011

The 12th Annual SCBWI International Winter Conference

Well I am excited tomorrow starts SCBWI 12th International Winter Conference "two days chock-full of agents, editors, publishers, workshops and networking designed to rocket your writing and illustration to the next level."
I have never been to a conference before so I looking forward to see if the quote above is correct. = )

 Today I drop off  my artwork submission for the Art Showcase it is part of the conference you are allowed one piece (1) art matted and or framed and with a few other rules/ guidelines about size etc...

It was not easy to pick one piece of artwork over others, but there guidelines helped me chose.
One of my first choices was from "The Marshmallow Man" written by Rena Jones the illustration is a two page spread of the fox carrying the Marshmallow dude across the river, the second was also a two page spread from "The Giving Meadow" written by Stephanie Burkhart  it was of all the characters sleeping together (click here to see artwork). But do to size guidelines I thought that both would have lost some of there charm because they would have to be shrunk down to fit.
So I went with an older piece that fit the size requirements better and I felt it is what most Publishers and Editors look for when it comes to artwork submission.    
The title of the piece is called "Hide & Seek" originally published in Stories for Children Magazine March 2009 issue. I would like to thank Susan York Meyers who wrote the poem, allowing me to use her poem as it was originally seen with the artwork back in 2009


  1. Looks great, Stephen!

  2. Thanks Diana,
    there was a lot of nice artwork to look at.
    It was place between someone who painted like Boris Vallejo and an artist named Linda Norman-Lyman
    About ten post cards were taken (yes I counted them).


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