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A little about my artwork: I interpret the words written on a page by telling the story behind the story working with pen and ink, watercolor and Photoshop, I fuse old techniques with modern ones to create a world that every drawing can speak to a child or grownups.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Well 2011 is on its way and there are things I am looking forward to at the end of this month I will attend my first SCBWI Winter Conference two day of lectures keynote speakers and so on that will help me in my career as a illustrator. I also submitted an illustration in there "Showcase" (cross fingers) it was not easy to pick one piece of artwork that I felt that represented me completely but it is close. 

 (sorry do not have finished front cover with text yet)
Also coming out very soon is "Libby the Odd Squirrel" written by Lea Schizas
published by 4RV Publishing
I've seen the proofs and I may say I did a very good job with the artwork. Libby was a challenge that kept me on my toes but it was worth all the hard work to tell this story if your child loves to read this book is for them.
I was also told by Vivian Zabel President/CEO of 4RVPublishing  that I'm getting a royalty check sent to me some time this month, that is always something to look forward to I'm keeping an eye on my mailbox.
I have also finished illustrating "Why Am I Me" written by Wayne Harris-Wyrick also being published by 4RV Publishing, It should be out in March or April of this year but more to come on this book latter this month.
   I am getting ready to start work on a new project for 4RV called "Ferdinand Frog's First Flight" written by Marvin S. Mayer, I assure you the out come of this story was nothing like what happened to that little turtle that wanted to fly.

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