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Saturday, January 29, 2011

About ten postcards were taken

Well about ten postcards were taken.
 The easel to the left in the photo was beautiful with out the artwork. His work reminded me a little bit like Boris Vallejo it was some kind of serpent creature in the painting. on the other side of me was Linda Norman - Lyman I will post her postcard another time.
I watched  people walk past the piece for a little while one person picked up a postcard then put it down. Boris guy seemed to get a lot of attention. I needed to walk away Way to Stressful!  I was in the subway when I finally took out the remaining postcards and counted. I knew I started out with 100 but when you count gets to 80 you start to worry in my head I said to my self I just need one to be taken from a publisher or editor, out of the ten that was taken I still need only one to contact me that all that matters.
more to come in the next few days

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