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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Frog’s Then & Now

As I still wait for my copies of “Ferdinand Frog’s Flight”
it has given me time to reflect on how far I have evolved as an artist.

 I had to dust off a very old portfolio for this first frog/toad it was done back in the 80’s; it also shows off my sense of humor the title is “Toad Stool” pen and ink with water color and color pencil

Toad Stool

The next one is a frog I never drew I just colored it, the title is "The Dancing Frog” it was an animation project done back in the day at Michael Sporn Animation Studio.  see (Clip)

The Dancing Frog

The third I must of done around 2004/05? Not sure also pen and ink with water color (Tree frog) this one was once part of a stock art company I did a little work for.
Tree Frog
The fourth “Who Let the Frogs Out?” illustration done in 2007? for Stories for Children Magazine.

Who Let The Frogs Out?
 Also from Stories for Children Magazine "The Surfing Frog" 2009/10?

The Surfing Frog

The sixth is from “The Giving Meadow” picture book I illustrated for 4RV Publishing in 2010

The Giving Meadow

And of course Ferdinand himself who wants to fly
 if the picture book looks anything likes the PDF I have seen it should be stunning to look at.

Ferdinand Frog's Flight

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