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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A hand full of things have gone on last week that I thought I would share in one post

1) I took these two pictures last Monday evening overlooking Central Park I was walking to a client’s home to give a massage. The pictures don’t do the clouds justice but Wow!

2) The next morning in Queens walking the dogs at 5:OO AM

3) This is funny I don’t believe in newspaper horoscopes but the first line of it rang true. Not too long ago I changed my kitchen faucet, well after I threw away the receipt and the box it started to leek from underneath the sink I doubled checked the hoses nothing. But from inside the body of the faucet it was leaking. I went to Home Depot told them my story and the women who was helping me was very helpful she gave me the number to the manufacture (American Standard) of the faucet and they in turn sent me new valves to replace the ones in the handles of the faucet . It seems to have worked all dry

4) I’m still working on my "Find the Faces in the Trees" idea I have done some sketches. This is my second color sketch it is not there yet when it comes to the coloring, but I’m not worried about it at this time.
second color sketch

5) You know that things are slow at work if I am looking through a Vanity Fair magazine. But I am happy I did I came across this article on Maurice Sendak that at the age of 83 and only 30 years later he has written and illustrated a new book called “Bumble –Ardy” yes he has illustrated other stories and worked on different projects in 30 years but this is the first book he has written in that time span.
Photograph by Annie Leibovitz

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