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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well you can all rest easy now Bert and Ernie is not guy!

They are best friends according to the producers of
 “Sesame Street”.

As I was flipping through the New York post on August 12, 2011 I found this article titled:

I find it funny and sad that this is news I knew at one time people were convinced that they are guy, personally I never thought they were anything but Bert and Ernie I never saw them as anything more than characters on Sesame Street making me laugh as a kid and laugh some more as a college student (because in college you watch Sesame Street) ; I shouldn’t of been surprised that there was a petition or is a petition flouting around saying they should get married. In a world that is turned upside down economically people still losing their jobs this is what on peoples mind. Well I guess it is better than worrying about the stock market. The Muppets were/ is a part of my life, I still love seeing them on TV from time to time and I’m happy they are what they have been for me just two friends. Why complicate their lives, I’m sure if Sesame Street ever want to introduce guy Muppets they will do it with the same tasteful integrity they have always shown on their program and I will support it with all my heart.

David Kleeman wrote a tasteful article in the Huffington Post about this as well (full article).

You Tube post 1969 Debut
side note: Have you ever noticed that only Ernie can move his arms & hands?

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