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Monday, September 12, 2011

A handful of thoughts

None of this is all that important on its own so I just put it all in one post.

The other day /post I wrote about buying “The Great Song Book” illustrated by Tomi Ungerer, well while talking to a friend of mine on the phone I looked at my book shelf and read a familiar name across one of my picture books I could not believe it I am already familiar with Mr. Ungerer artwork “The Hat” published in the 70’s this is one of those books I have had as a child, it is in great shape a little dented around the edges, what a treat!

  I was going to go to Books of Wonder on Sunday (9/11/2011) to support David Ezra Stein at his book signing "Love, Mouserella". I only meet him briefly once a couple of years ago at a local street fair in are neighborhood and been following his success as a writer/illustrator ever since. But let’s face it I was not eager to get on a Subway on that day for two reasons one (1) they never work well on the weekends because of track work and two (2) it was a high alert day and didn’t want to deal with it. Instead in my neighborhood was a group of performers from the Mortal Folly Theartre (“theater” it is not spelled wrong) doing scenes from Shakespeare it was enjoyable!!

Also in my own work I have a beginning, middle and an end to my little story that I am working on. It seems to be falling into place now but still no words are really attached to this picture book idea but that will come in time.


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