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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New books that came in the mail

In the last couple of weeks I received two out of the three books I was hoping to receive in the mail.

The first book is “Photoshop CS5 in easy steps” this book just made my life a little bit easier, I used the CS2 version to help me understand how that program worked; so it was a no brainer when I realized that this newer version changed enough that it took me an (1) hour to find how to cut paste and resize a head from one body to a new body then I couldn’t remember how I did it. Frustrating!

The other book that just came in the mail is “The Great Song Book” illustrated by Tomi Ungerer I was introduced to Mr. Ungerer artwork through Michael Sporn’s blog post the book is out of print but I was able to buy a copy from a used book dealer.

Sides note: I bought both books from Amazon web site; I have read and was told in the past how some people have had problems with their customer service to this date I have not. On the books I have illustrated sometimes thing are wrong like my name misspelled or no book cover artwork both I don’t understand how that happens but it does. I was told that “Amazon will fix it when they feel like it” well not really true you contact them tell them what is wrong and they fix it within three days. I have sent them the book cover artwork or the correct spelling of my name and it is taken care of simple! I have also had questions on orders I placed and have had nothing but good response from the people I have spoken to.

Illustration from Ferdinand Frog's Flight

The third book I am still waiting for is “Ferdinand Frog’s Flight” this is the last book I illustrated with 4RV Publishing and I am still waiting to see what the finished project looks like. If I can swing the cash there are a couple of contest I would like to summit it too but I’m not going to spend money on purchasing copies of the book if I don’t know what the end product looks like.  

The illustrations in this post are from the “The Great Song Book”  I have taken them from Michael Sporn’s Blog or “Splog” post (click me to link)

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