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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Story

If the weather holds out I will go into the city early and take more pictures in Central Park before I go to work.
I am working on my own story at the moment, it has been a while since I did anything just for me it is fun and like all things fun it is frustrating, what started out as a single idea has turned into a story I have about 90% of its sketched out.
The story takes place in Central Park NYC and I’m drawing a map I never drawn a map before except giving someone directions on how to get someplace so this is new for me.
But to draw a map and place the characters on the map I need to know my surroundings and it would be nice if other readers can find the places as well.
I didn’t understand why Flickr failed me. My one stop shopping for almost all my reference needs. Until I realized I need to know where they are not just random shots of the park I can recognize most of the pictures shown on Flickr but exactly were they are located is a different story.
So I hope for a change it will not rain and I can get my shots.
This story does not have a Publisher yet it’s not ready to be submitted.   I need to get all my facts/story in order and create a dummy book to show potential Art Directors/Publisher before that happens.
A dummy book is also something new for me, when I illustrate other peoples story all I create is a storyboard to make sure I have a solid flow going on.

  I was also hoping to share some good news but it has not happened yet so maybe by my next post.

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