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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving early

Happy Thanksgiving early,

  Just a quick rundown I will be more or less offline for two weeks due to a “NVIDIA GeForce 530” Graphic Card problem . I have to send it back to HP for repairs as I type this my screen is flashing or blanking out on me kind of a strobe affect not easy on the eyes at all. I spent 3days, 8hrs and 7 HP support technician to come to the reality I could not fix it from my end.

Therefore, I am waiting for my shipping info and box to come and off it goes. I have to say there support is better than Dells when I had my computer with them and needed to contact them by phone I spent about an 1/2hr just on hold HP does not put you on hold they pickup and work with you for hours.

I wish all who celebrate Thanksgiving a very happy and safe one and I will be back in a few weeks (Cross Fingers)

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