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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I have not yelled

I have had this machine for 5 months (HP pavilion), stared out great! I loved it; it did everything I wanted to do. Now it is garbage, my screen started flashing or blanking out on me a while back. For three days I was on the phone with tech support a total of eight hours and seven technicians all to figure out that it needed to be sent back to get fixed. Now I have it backed and still does not work, in fact it is worse. Of course, it is a holiday weakened and No one is around to talk too. HP was nice to give their employee’s the holiday weekend to rest and enjoy there families.

 I have not yelled this load or for this long in, I do not know how many years. This is when the fun starts, FedEx calls me and said by 3:00PM on Tuesday November 22 my package is going too delivered; my GF is home to sign for the package. However, they show up very late 7:39PM well after the time scheduled so no one was there to sign for the package. Okay next day second attempt was for Wednesday November 23 by 3:00PM, never shown up and when she called to find out what had happened they claim they did show up and we were not here “Funny!” This did not go well since she was home all day long and made it very clear to Fed Ex that the driver did not do their job. Because of Thanksgiving the next attempt is for Friday November 25 by 3:00PM, I am home tracking the package with my smart phone. I see it been put into the truck and in “Transit” showing that it has been documented that it should show up by 3:00PM. I do not trust that this driver is doing his job and repeatedly check the tracking code for any updates. At 1:40PM “Boom!” Third failed attempt I was not home. Not at all funny, I am on the phone with FedEx so fast and spitting nails. I demand to speak to a hire up and start cussing like there is no tomorrow and demand that I get my package ASAP. I received the package by a third party currier who pulled up in a Nissan and took it out of his back seat of the car.

Added on 11/27/2011 BTW: I have been told that there are 14
Security cameras in my building not one shown a FedEx driver attempting to deliver my package.

 I was hoping this would be the end but HP does not know how to fix computers so the drama continues


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