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Monday, February 20, 2012

Final post on the 2012 Tomie dePaola Winner!

Well I am finally coming to the end of posting about the 2012 Tomie dePaola awards. I wrote in an earlier post about the award that I would give a little more info on the winner and the runners up so; here they are and
the Winner is….

Yvette Piette Herrera”

First Place: "My number one choice was the illustration by Yvette Piette Herrera. The characters were well personalized with a very nice nostalgic touch to them. The round composition was a clever way of telling “a round robin story.” This illustration was my favorite." -Tomie

 Second Place: "Carrie Eko-Burgess’s illustration was excellent in its graphic depiction of the story. The strong forms, color and contrast appealed to me." -Tomie

Third Place: "Rotem Omri’s three-dimensional clay work was charming although I found some of the forms confusing, such as, the purple and blue “dresses” or “stands.” All in all, it was a novel approach." -Tomie

Fourth Place: "I’d like to commend Lori McElrath-Eslick for her illustration. I was delighted by the paint quality of the character. I’d like to see the drawing taken further." -Tomie

And finally my version:

I have no idea if Mr. dePaola looked at my entry once, twice or even a hundred times and in truth it does not matter the contest was fun, it pushed me to try harder, and it forced me to step out of my safety zone and let others judge me.
Stephen Macquignon

All remarks from Tombie and artwork for this post are from SCBWI website

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