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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lost & Found

How often do you misplace something?
How many years later does it come back to find you?
Well it happened to me yesterday.
 On Valentine’s Day I sent out my email V-Day cards my mentor Patti Stren was one of them. She loved the little snail so much she asked me about the little guy, if there was a story?  I said yes and after talking about it she insist I re visit him and make it into a picture book. 
Okay I am now looking in an old sketch book were the little story has been sleeping and in the front of the sketch book is a card from Sandie Rosa; Sandie and I worked together many moons ago at equinox. We opened the new Columbus circle location together, she was the spa coordinator and I was one of the massage therapists.          
The sketch book is gift from her when she decided to leave, it was her way to say thank you for all my hard work. It came with this great jacket cover I added the Harley Davidson later it was from an old vest of mine that was falling apart.  
So of course I do a web search on Sandie, this is not the first time I try but in the past nothing ever came up. But this time I find a bunch of images and her acting credits I also find her actively working as an actor on
But sadly I cannot find anyway of contacting her (yes I tried Facebook) So Sandie if you bump into my blog I would love to hear from you.

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