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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

25 copies SOLD!!!

“Why Am I me?” has picked up some momentum and is selling at independent book stores in Oklahoma one is called “Best of Books in Edmond” so far has sold over twenty five copies, this was after a news article came out about Wayne Harris-Wyrick who wrote “Why Am I Me?” I posted it here.

I have also been told that Full Circle Books in Oklahoma City has ordered the book, how many copies I do not know they purchased them through Ingram and that information does not become available till the following month. The store at the Science Museum in Oklahoma has ordered fifteen copies.

All very promising, at the scbwi winter conference I can’t remember if it was Dan Santat or Dan Yaccarino who spoke of doing a grassroots movement to get the book in the public eye but it looks like Wayne as done just that; if you have not guessed he lives in Oklahoma and is also the director of the Kirkpatrick Planetarium of Science Museum of Oklahoma, it is nice to see the museum take care of their people.
Oklahoma is also the home of 4RV Publishing and he has attended some of the conferences held in or around the city signing copies of the book.

Wayne Harris- Wyrick

Wayne Harris- Wyrick

Side note/ disclaimer:
When I illustrate a book I do not do a web search on who wrote the story I don’t want to be influenced by their web pages or blog, Facebook status whatever is floating out there on the World Wide Web. So the front cover had nothing to do with Wayne love for the universe it is something I picked up by illustrating this picture book.
I only knew one writer before I illustrated her book; it did not hurt my interpretations but her love for the outdoors did influence me in a certain direction. (Hi Rena)

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