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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Help Each Other Out

Four simple words
"Help Each Other Out"
followed by
"So how can we help each other out on in this group? "
This is the start of a thread I created back in February of 2009, part of a discussion in a group I belong to. As of today there are 70 comment posted, and I'm guessing the moderator of the group pined it the top of the page (Featured discussion).
There have been many wonderful responses and of course some that made me scratch my head. I personally never thought my four simple words would be pined to a wall. It has made me smile.
It has also brought on something I did not expect that someone would email me telling me to give him a Job.
With out given any names this is what was sent to me.

The emailer wrote:
U r right. I m illustrator so can you help me to get the freelance assignments of illustrations.
Sorry no

The emailer:
Then why u speaking abut healp eachother?

When I asked the question it was not meant for some one to email me saying I should get them work; It was and is how to support each other to give each other ideas on how to or were work may be found outside of the norm books, magazine & so on. It took me three years of pounding on doors for my first illustration assignment. I’m still struggling.
So I would suggest reading through the comment for ideas and the advice that is already there and if you have any question just ask.
Good luck
So outside the fact I found this person rude, I also don't like to get emails unless from friends that are written in shorthand, I have done my share of managing companies; this has always
comes with a stack of resumes looking to fill vacant spots. Would anyone hire a person who can not write out full sentence? Or word? I do hope he find the rest of his words and does find work. I'm happy to say he has never contacted me to asked any questions or have I seen any odd post from him. I'm sure as time goes on more emails will be sent to me like this one. I just hope someone teaches these kids about not to abbreviate there words when look for a job.
(I have no idea were I was going with this post)

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