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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The View

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   I posted a couple days ago about a wonderful review I received from a client about how they enjoyed my work as a massage therapist, it made think maybe I should do more post telling about why I became a therapist maybe tell some of the funny and frustrations of being a licenced massage therapist living and working in Manhattan. Something to break up all the posting I do about my artwork to see more then one side of me. To educate others to show how what I do can be beneficial to  the wellness in your lives.
Maybe get people to realize that how we are not always portrayed in a good light by TV, movies, and by those who are just ignorant.
Well this was sent to me the other day just in time for my first post.
 I still don't plan to make it a habit on talking about my work as a therapist but I think from time to time just to break things up a little bit will be okay.
This type of ignorance is insulting to my profession.

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