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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Plaza and Eloise

The other day I read in a news paper something fun.  The Plaza Hotel in NYC is opening "Eloise Suite"
Eloise is a children's book about a little girl who is six years old and lives at
The Plaza, written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hillary Knight.
 What fun would that be sleeping in a room that is designed like one of your favorite books, kind of blows away Spider Man bedsheets doesn't it?
I personally never read any of the books written about Eloise (even though I may pick up a book now after reading about how the story came about) and  I do enjoy Hilary Knights artwork and have always recognized the book. I even had lunch once at the Plaza and somehow new Eloise story was based there.
It made me wonder how it must feel to have that kind of impact; that a story of as little girl living in a hotel could become so famous. Who knows maybe one day I will know for my self. (okay you can stop laughing) 
More about Eloise story can be found at her official web site "Eloise Wed Site".

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