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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look what I made!

Look what I made!
 A past client of my gave me a call wanting something new for her wall.
 She sent me this photo a black & white of "Sekhmet" an Egyptian Warrior Goddess.
I thought it was a male god until I started finding other references pictures of her on  "Flickr" and of course Wikipiedia is always helpful in finding thing out. 
So I started with my sketches until I liked one well enough to send to my client. 
    She approved the sketch and off I went on my marry way,
 like every thing else I draw, I start by sketching, then pencil followed by inking then scanning and finally color digitally, So your not reading anything new about me . But thanks to sites like Flickr I was able to find full body shot of her but also color references as well to give her more of an authentic touch.  Well the end result is a good one she liked the work and is now hanging on her wall . 

Pencil and  Pen & Ink versions 

                                                        Finished artwork

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